Formed on the belief that a family business operates the best when you become a part of ours

Our business was formed on the love of what we do, family values, and a love of our local community. The Eastern Shore is a place that we love. This is a family business in every aspect and we wanted to bring that to you as a customer.

We believe in serving the best product because that’s what we were taught. Mister Softee is not just a franchise to us, but something that we learned to love for our entire lives. When you support our business: you support a local family business. Mister Softee is a franchise that has been established for decades and it’s one of the best feelings to bring this amazing business to an area that we love beyond recognition.

Continuing A Family Legacy

I was raised in the ice cream business. For me, ice cream isn’t just a livelihood, but the family business that I was taught as a child. I spent my childhood with my uncles, my father, and cousins on the trucks in Philadelphia. My family had one of the original Mister Softee franchises in Philadelphia from the Conways [founders of Mister Softee] — and they loved what they did. Like I love what I do. Thanks for allowing me to share my knowledge and love with you. I still have my father’s 1956 Mister Softee truck. When I say that I know this business from the inside out, I do. This is what I love. And I love being able to share it with everyone down here.

Anthony Sessa, Owner of Mister Softee Eastern Shore MD

Father like son.

The owner and his father both doing the same ‘ice cream man’ pose’! An example of our family business being practiced back in Philly and continuing on the Eastern Shore!

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